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Nov 12, 2013 3:00am EST
himself, i am an ordinary man with extraordinary perseverance, i don a good birdt a great shot but i have done wide wild game, i was about great rancher but i could do it, i am not a great writer but i wrote 40 books, it is his essence he tried. >> rose: that's what i love, love, love. >> that's what we can follow, you can't be a genius if you are not a genius but you can be him, as a did he said he was very timid so he wills himself to not be afraid of things and then of course in the rough riders he takes that horse and mounts it, when he gets shot in the middle of the campaign in 1912, you know, right in the chest, and he inment assists on giving a speech as the running is uning underneath the shirt, it was will, not temperamental that's a nice way you can will things. >> rose: he is a reminder to people that history is replete with that people willed themselves to be something and they became that thing. >> right, absolutely. >> rose: and in every way they said i want to be this man and they become that man. >> right. >> rose: in terms of every way. i think in some ways he was pr
Nov 14, 2013 10:00am EST
the edge as to where it might be. but there is also -- i mean he seems to he, i don' know who he talked to, what he made his role -- or who gave him instielght, insight hike your cia person, but it seems you can be what i think a smart cia person would be. >> yes. i remember too in the first season when i was make sense of what it was too, to interrogate someone. >> rose: exactly. >> how do you run an interrogation? and so i was kind of -- talking to mandy about that, hike how are you doing it? how are you doing this? and he says, well, i listen to the subject and i often will close my eyes and just hear the -- hear the is a peel, you know, the shah peel and find the truth .. in the sound of the voice, so, i mean, that was a musician's take on it. >> rose: what interests me too is that there is a comradeship between people who are spies. >> uh-huh. >> rose: and who are engaged in every aspect of their life in gathering intelligence between them and those on the other side. there is kind of that, you know -- and it came out actually in john lecarre's book because you remembered th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2